Geta Voinea equals ‘Style’ and ‘Quality’. Being successfully in the hairstyling business for more than 30 years she has become a household name in the industry. Since 2003 Geta Voinea operates (only) under the brand name GV Hair International, known to the public at large as Geta Voinea Hair and Beauty Salon. Geta’s clientele consist of anyone that has a passion for styling; whether it concerns VIP’s or regular people, everybody is welcome and served in the same manner.

Owning multiple salons in Bucharest, and several licensed salons in Romania the Geta Voinea brand is widely spread and growing.

Being an Icon, Geta Voinea featured in several reality tv shows (from 2006 till 2009) and can be regularly found in different media where she (on request) opiniates hair and styling. Inherited her talent from her mother, combined with her personal ambitions, over the years Geta has personally attended a variety of courses from all the iconic names within the styling industry to become what she is now; Simply The Best.

Geta works only with the best quality brands and products. She hand pick her stylists which she trains and shapes personally in the field of styling, improving always the quality and service levels. This is reflected within the offered services in any of the Geta Voinea Salons.

You can find Geta always in one of her salons!